Golden M

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Every industry, even every company, poses different challenges, so it’s impossible to have a “one fits all” solution. That’s the reason we offer customizable industry specific solutions, and a wide range of software developments that can contribute to your business’ optimization.

Capable of handling any challenge


In the world we live in, organizations use different software for particular purposes. In our experience, this always generates the need to have them integrated, but this is often a tough challenge due to the numerous ways that software process the data. We understand how they work and we have developed tools to make this process easier and faster, and by that, we mean efficient.

Custom Developments

A software often solves specific problems or optimizes processes for a particular area of the business. However, software developed for massive use, often lacks particular perks or tool that your company might need: a report in a different format, a tool to automate process X and/or Y, that something else that would save a lot of time. If this is your case, contact us, we will help you build it.


We like to keep things simple, efficient and affordable. Those are the basic concepts from which Golden M Solutions emerged. We dedicate ourselves to design and develop industry specific solutions that aim to optimize processes. We currently offer solutions for the following industries: pharmaceutical logistics, ready mix concrete, school buses, package logistics and our own set of tools for Gurtam partners.

With us

You get what you need

The developments are modular

Your information will be safe

Will be able to customize the entire design