Golden M was founded in 2015, based on the idea to do things differently. Even though it has been a tough challenge and it has required a lot of effort and creativity, a mission was set on 2017: solve problems. As wide and ludicrous as it might sound, on the first years of operations we noticed that companies usually fail to deliver on technological needs of their clients and, of course, their own. That said, our goal is to fill that gap, to be your technological ally and that by doing so, we want to solve your problems.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary group of individuals whose goal is to deliver highly functional and easy to use software. We go from sellers and human to programmer translator (or what mainstream jargon would call a “business analyst”); to different programming specialists with unique skill sets. Meet the team:

Orlando Monagas

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced Corporate Relations & Project Manager with a demonstrated history of entrepreneurship in the retail, finance and technology industries.

Kenny Mochizuki

Chief Technology Officer

Senior developer and specialist in Wialon API and full stack in Rails-Vue-Bootstrap, with more than 5 years of experience developing code for the technology industry.

Francisco Prado

Senior Developer and Cartography Specialist

Specialist in GIS and in Digital Cartography, with more than 20 years of experience in database management and client-server interface development. Enthusiast of relational and spatial database ecosystems in design, architecture and impementation. Always constant learning and evolution.

Miguel Zauzich

Senior Developer and Mobile Specialist

Backend programmer, knowledge in web development and mobile development, enthusiast in fighting video games and self-improvement, wanting to continue learning and keep growing in this world of development.

Anthony Zakhaur

Senior Developer

Developer specialist in web development with Ruby on Rails, great handling of tools like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Vue. Knowledge and experience in languages such as Java and JavaScript.

Simón Rojas

Junior Developer

Developer specialized in web backend applications development with Ruby on Rails, with knowledge and skills acquired Java, JavaScript and Bootstrap

Yajaira Pacheco

Back Office Manager